5 WWE superstars who defeated Brock Lesnar

WWE superstars who defeated Brock Lesnar

WWE superstars who defeated Brock Lesnar– Brock Lesnar who is all time favourite for his fans and popularly known by his name and body size ” The Beast” which totally suits him.
As the word itself denotes defeats everyone who comes in your way. But this may not happen every time.
There are some WWE Superstars who defeated Beast in the ring very badly, no one might think about it.


To takes the victory over beast is not so easy but when someone defeats the beast it is a very shocking moment for all of us.

Eddie Guerrero is one of the superstars who also take down the beast incarnate ” Brock Lesnar”.

It happened when these two superstars were having a No Way Out match in the year 2004 where Eddie takes the victory over the beast, during this time Eddie was also on a monster push.


It is impossible to imagine that brock defeats by someone.Here is another superstar who makes the victory over the beast, we are talking about The Game “TRIPLE H”.

They both had multiple matches at PPV in the year 2013in which Triple H takes down Lesnar two out of three times and prove everybody that the game is not afraid of the beast.

At that time brock was so embarrassed and surprised that how he can defeat by anyone in
multiple time. This is also a shocking & unforgettable moment for all of us that Triple H defeats the best multiple times.



John Cena is another name in the list who defeat the beast incarnate “Brock Lesnar”.

This was the most shockable match for Brock Lesnar as it was his first match after returned to WWE and there was no reason for Brock to lose this match.

It was a very nasty moment for brock because brock can’t expect that he would defeat by John Cena, This memorable match happened in 2012 at Extreme Rules.


When someone has to defend his championship title on the line against the beast he would make sure that there is less possibility of winning, but it is opposite in case of
Kurt Angle.

He is another superstar who defeats the pain, Brock Lesnar.

Kurt and Brock had a match at SummerSlam in 2003 where Kurt has to defend his championship title, this match was in brocks hand but at the end the ankle lock given by Kurt to brock makes him lose the match.



Goldberg is the one and the only superstar who defeat Brock Lesnar multiple times.

Both these superstars were faced each other for the first time in WrestleMania 20 where Goldberg defeat Brock Lesnar and take the victory over him, at that time brock was so upset and angry.

And after 12 years when Goldberg return back to WWE once again he takes down the beast Brock Lesnar at survivor series.

The whole WWE universe was in shock that in only one minute Goldberg takes the WWE title from him.

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