WWE Champion A.J.Styles wins at Fastlane 2018 in a six-pack challenge match

    WWE Champion A.J.Styles

    The phenomenal WWE Champion A.J.Styles has defeated the five superstars(John Cena, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin) at Fastlane 2018 in a six-pack challenge match.

    WWE Champion A.J.Styles at Fastlane 2018

    That implies no Road to WrestleMania34 for John Cena, who jumped from Raw to SmackDown LIVE particularly to get into this match in the expectations it would lead him back to The Showcase of the Immortals.

    The 16-time World Champion embraced a win big or bust mindset from the initial five seconds when he Attitudes Adjusted everybody in sight to convey the field down to himself and Styles.

    Shockingly, that additionally made him an objective for every one of his adversaries too; the field turned on The Cenation Leader the second everyone recuperated, and he spent most of the match endeavouring to battle his way once again into the preferred standpoint.


    Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin had basically assigned themselves as the spoilers of the Six-Pack Challenge Match and contended in like manner.

    Hoping to demonstrate he was as yet deserving of the spotlight, The Showoff to a great extent surfaced each time a Superstar was depleted or occupied, planning to punch the fastest ticket conceivable to The Showcase of the Immortals and his first WWE Title.

    Corbin, the self-broadcasted “dream crusher” who simply needed to destroy everyone’s day, was the first to get messy, pursuing Dolph through the field and handling him into the punishment box before bringing an arrangement of steel ventures into the condition in the end minutes.

    Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, then, couldn’t remain out of each other’s way. Zayn had guaranteed to “set down” for Owens if given the opportunity, and it seemed like he would satisfy that vow, spread-eagling on the tangle when the activity came down to him and KO.

    Nonetheless, Owens didn’t trust him, obviously, which prompted a recharging of their battle perpetually dangers that wound up dovetailing in appalling design with the ringside nearness of SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon.

    The Prodigal Son was junk talked by Zayn and incidentally superkicked by Owens, driving him to separate later pinfall endeavours by the two Superstars that would have certainly finished the confrontation.

    Concerning Styles himself, the WWE Champion was intensely mindful of the disservice he had heading into a Six-Pack Challenge — in particular, that he didn’t should be stuck or submitted to lose his title.

    Subsequently, he picked to keep himself in the thick of the activity consistently, separating pinfalls left and right. His enthusiasm landed him in a bad position, in particular, a whirligig Deep Six from Corbin and an AA from Cena through the report table that removed The Phenomenal One from the running.

    So, he was prepared to go when the minute emerged. As the fight drew on, technique went out the window and it constantly came to who could hit their greatest move continuous first. Ziggler was dispatched with an Attitude Adjustment by Cena, who was felled thus by a Pop-up Powerbomb from Owens.


    Before KO could make the pinfall, in any case, Styles climbed from the cinders and swooped down with a devastating Phenomenal Forearm that earned him the 1-2-3.

    As Styles celebrated in the ring and Shane stalked coldly past a smouldering Zayn and Owens, there stayed one glaring issue at hand that the cameras really wanted to discover.

    Or then again, more precisely, the corner: Cena, disheartened, a frown on his face while The Phenomenal One moved in the brilliance he had wanted to take for himself. Cena was naturally unassuming in a crush, genuine, yet his fantasy, for the present, is finished. The fantasy, be that as it may, lives on.


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