Women’s Tag Team Match on Smack Down Live

Women's Tag Team Match on Smack Down Live

Women’s Tag Team Match on SmackDown Live– Next Week, Smackdown live is going to be much more exciting as the six women’s tag team match has been confirmed next Tuesday on Smackdown live.

Charlotte Flair’s journey for payback on The Riot Squad will detonate one week from now when the SmackDown Women’s Champion collaborates with Becky Lynch and Naomi to fight Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan on SmackDown LIVE.

 Women's Tag Team Match on Smack Down Live

The Riot Squad left Charlotte oblivious without precedent for her profession, almost costing The Queen her title.

In spite of the fact that Flair did not lose the title, she pledged to get requital on her aggressors.

She strolled into the lion’s nook, confronting Liv Morgan independent from anyone else with Riot and Logan outwardly.

At the point when the other two Riot Squad individuals were catapulted from ringside, Charlotte earned the triumph, at that point made her aims clear a short time later, saying “one down, two to go.”

After one week, she went up against Logan, this time with Lynch and Naomi in her corner. With the chances levelled, The Riot Squad did not intrude in the match, and Flair got another win.

In a video presented on Ruby Riot’s Twitter, The Riot Squad issued the test for a six-lady confrontation, saying that it won’t be long until Flair’s entire world disintegrates.

What will happen when these two trios crash in the ring? Discover on SmackDown LIVE, next Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA Network! Don’t miss the opportunity to see your favourite divas match.


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