Will Mark Andrews able to defeats Drew Gulak at WWE 205 Live ?

Drew Gulak

The latest news coming from WWE that Raw Superstar Mark Andrews has defeated Tony Nese at WWE 205 live.Both Mark Andrews and Tony Nese were crushed in ruthless design by Drew Gulak in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship Tournament; the two contenders look for requital, in this way WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick chose the best strategy was to have them square off for thought of who might win the privilege to fight Gulak first.

Andrews was quickly off guard, squaring off against a bigger and all the more capable rival in The Premier Athlete. Utilizing his quality further bolstering his good fortune, Nese attempted to keep his rival on safeguard, however, the Welsh Superstar’s speed and spryness enabled him to keep the session aggressive.

As Nese kept on applying weight to his rival, Andrews put his inconceivable strength in plain view. Andrews shielded The Premier Athlete from managing force, got away counters and holds from Nese and increased the volume of his assaults. Following a stunning moonsault outwardly, Nese recouped inside the ring and brought Andrews down from the best rope.


Angry, The Premier Athlete expanded the power of his assaults, however, he stayed unfit to secure a pinfall. Bringing Andrews down outwardly, Nese arranged to execute his very own moonsault, however, the Welsh Superstar moved away. The two traded blows and close falls, pushing each other to their individual points of confinement.

As Nese endeavored to bring down his rival with a powerslam, Andrews countered into a Slumdog Millionaire preceding grabbing the chance to execute an inconceivable Shooting Star Press for the win.After the match, Andrews revealed to WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick that he needed a match against Drew Gulak, and Maverick allowed the Superstar’s desire for one week from now.


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