Why Triple H and Stephanie Attacks UFC Star Ronda Rousey & Kurt Angle?

UFC Star Ronda Rousey

Latest news is coming from WWE that on Monday Night Raw Triple H &Stephanie attacks UFC Star Ronda Rousey Rousey and Kurt Angle.

ATLANTA — On her first night as a WWE Superstar, Ronda Rousey sent Triple H slamming through a table. Presently, Stephanie McMahon has reimbursed the support.

In the last faceoff between WrestleMania’s Mixed Tag Team rivals — Rousey and Kurt Angle and Triple H and Stephanie — pressures raised very quickly, because of The King of Kings pre-emptively reprimanding The Olympic Gold Medalist for a potential Ronda misfortune.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet answered by requesting why Triple H marked her with “ulterior intentions;” Stephanie disagreed with being requested to do anything; Angle reminded his adversaries they were addressing an Olympic medalist and a previous UFC champion; and Triple H presented to everything home by reminding Angle that, notwithstanding the greater part of Ronda’s honors and aptitudes, she was venturing into a world she didn’t yet completely get it.

The junk talking proceeded through a couple of inquiries from the WWE Universe, cresting when Stephanie inferred that Rousey’s looming misfortune would be excessively for her to deal with.

Arbitrator Jonathan Coachman appeared to cool the threats enough to arrange a pre-coordinate photograph opp, however Stephanie’s words had hit their check, and UFC Star Ronda Rousey was soon nose-to-nose with the Raw Commissioner.

Triple H dispatched Angle with a mouthpiece to the back of the head, and when “Rowdy” Ronda turned her thoughtfulness regarding the COO, Stephanie struck, driving Ronda through the meeting table she’d been sitting behind minutes sooner.

How UFC Star Ronda Rousey will bounce back from this show stays to be seen, however she exited Raw with the awkward acknowledgment that Triple H and Stephanie were coming clean all things considered: She might be a UFC champion, and she might be an Olympic medalist, yet Ronda Rousey is playing a totally extraordinary diversion now.

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