What Issues Does WWE Superstar The Rock Reveal?

WWE Superstar The Rock

Dwayne Johnson or WWE Superstar The Rock revealed his real-life issues with the 16-time World Champion none other than John Cena.

WWE Superstar The Rock

Amid a current appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this end of the week, WWE legend and Hollywood Superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, was gotten some information about his association with individual WWE Superstar John Cena, with whom The Rock has had an incredible history with through the span of a previous couple of years.

The Rock and John Cena’s competition in the WWE at first started in 2011 when The Rock made his arrival to the WWE without precedent for right around 7 years, as the host of WrestleMania 27.

Inside the following couple of months, Cena and Rock’s contention transformed into an ambivalent relationship. The two men in the end squared-off at WrestleMania 28 out of a match that was charged as “Ideal” with The Rock winding up as the champ of the challenge.

WWE Superstar The Rock

In any case, at WrestleMania 29, The Rock and John Cena indeed ran toe-to-toe with each other. This time, Cena ended up as the winner and won the WWE Championship in the process also, conveying a conclusion to Rock’s eighth WWE Title rule.

While talking with Jimmy Kimmel on his late-night syndicated program, The Rock was addressed in regards to his competition with John Cena and, if the two previous on-screen rivals had a type of genuine warmth with each other.

Kimmel noticed that while both Rock and Cena were fighting in the WWE, their contention on-screen was clearly not genuine. Nonetheless, The Rock immediately redressed Kimmel’s announcement by guaranteeing that he and Cena, in fact, had genuine issues with each other and had plenty of issues with each other before.

“In the realm of wrestling, as you all know, it’s fictionalized, it’s a TV appearance. In any case, we had our competition, and now we can think back on it, it was so genuine. Like, we had genuine issues with each other.”

Likewise, The Rock additionally guaranteed that his issues with Cena inevitably drove the two men doing huge business with each other, as they broke a few pay-per-see records.

Regardless of having a considerable measure of warmth with each other before, the two men are quite great companions now.

“Presently… he’s one of my closest companions. We talk constantly, I’m pulling for him to win.”

John Cena and The Rock unquestionably gave us a standout amongst the essential competitions ever and fans far and wide are absolutely sitting tight for the uber return of The Rock to the WWE.

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