Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk -WWE Rumors

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rumours are coming from WWE that a match is going to be held between the two greatest superstars – Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

Amid the most recent portion of The Wrestling Observer Radio, regarded proficient wrestling columnist Dave Meltzer uncovered if the WWE at any point had plans for a conceivable dream coordinate between two of the most alluring previous WWE World Champions, CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Before CM Punk’s underlying takeoff from the WWE in 2014, a few reports clearly overwhelmed the web and recommended that the “Second City Saint” was apparently in conflict to square off in a one-on-one dream coordinate against WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

CM Punk

Punk, who is to some degree considered as the advanced adaptation of Stone Cold, has had a standout amongst the most noteworthy WWE Title rules ever, holding the title belt for an aggregate 434 days, though, Stone Cold Steve Austin is a previous 6-time WWF Champion and a record three-time Royal Rumble victory.

In the most recent release of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a peruser asked star wrestling master Dave Meltzer, if the WWE was ever near booking a match between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin or if the story was only a totally false gossip with no legitimate value to it.

Meltzer reacted to the inquiry by expressing that the WWE quite had any plans for a potential coordinate between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk and the organization’s administration group never considered this confrontation, regardless of a great deal of forwarding and backward prodding between the two men on a scene of Monday Night Raw back in June of 2011.

A confrontation between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin would have been a fantasy coordinate work out as expected for wrestling fans who speak to two unique ages and it is unquestionably a disillusioning certainty that the two men never had the opportunity to go head to head in a squared circle.


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