WWE Champion Aj Styles Randy Ortan and Shinsuke Nakamura  def. Kewin Owens ,Sami  Zayn and Jinder Mahal

Randy Orton vs Kelvin Owens

WWE Team Randy Orton vs Kelvin Owens at WWE Tribute to Troops– Randy Orton and Shinsuke  Nakamura  will coalesce to battle Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn where they find the special guest referees named the Smackdown LIVE  commissioner itself Shane MacMahon and the WWE general manager Daniel Bryan

It will be a hard task for the Kevin Owens and zain as they will be boot out from the WWE if they lose the match WWE champion AJ styles will intercede his title against Jinder Mahal. Thereby this match will be called as the six-man tag team match .it would be an absolute must watch the match at tv’s  most heartwarming and patriotic show of the year. With swiftness for WWE clash of champions at maneuver, both the contenders of teams were set for a fight, with Owens tussling to come away with an early vantage averse to the viper.

Ubiquitously the bout, the partnership of the trio[consists of Nakamura,orton and Aj styles] in order to reverse the situation team of Mahal, zayn and owens must have to give credence to the singh brothers.

Nevertheless, the vintage was evanescent, as Kevin Owens had to face a dispiteous disgrace when aj styles came into the dustup. As the dangled back and forth anarchy soon broke loose, as all the contenders tussled all over the ring, dominating to a phenomenal forearm on Kevin Owen, an RKO to JInder Mahal and a mordant Kinshasa by Nakamura to Zayn for the victory.


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