How Rusev Defeats Jinder Mahal On Smackdown live !


The latest news that is coming from WWE that On Smackdown live The Bulgarian Brute Rusev Takes Down The Modern Day Maharaja Jinder Mahal.

Following the sensation choice that Rusev would be added to the United States Title Match at WrestleMania – making it a Fatal 4-Way – two previous partners met in the ring this week, as The Bulgarian Brute Rusev went head to head against The Modern Day Maharaja on SmackDown LIVE.

Sunil Singh went down Jinder Mahal, while Aiden English watched Rusev corner, and Bobby Roode included visitor editorial. Both laid everything on hold while looking for an amazing triumph heading into The Show of Shows this Sunday. In the urgent minutes, The Super Athlete bested The Modern Day Maharaja with a pinpoint Machka Kick for the win.

Rusev’s festival would be brief, as United States Champion Randy Orton slid into the ring and hit The Bulgarian Brute with a loud RKO. Thus, Aiden English endeavored to go to Rusev’s guide, first putting the boots to Orton and after that by going up to the second rope, unmistakably prepared to jump on The Viper. Be that as it may, The Glorious One jumped onto the overskirt and pushed The Mozart of Mayhem directly into The Apex Predator, who was holding up with yet another RKO outta no place.

Roode and Orton at that point went head to head, both unmistakably started up for the United States Title Match this Sunday, and The Glorious One demonstrated his regard for The Viper by giving him the star-radiant title.

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