Alexa Bliss disappointed with Kurt Angle

alexa disappointed with kurt angle

Alexa Bliss disappointed with Kurt Angle -latest news coming from the WWE network is that the raw women champion Alexa bliss is so much disappointed with raw general manager Kurt Angle.


On Monday night raw Alexa bliss came to ring and disclose Kurt for sexism and dishonesty.

“I attempted to be a decent game about it, yet what you’re doing isn’t just wrong, it’s totally uncalled for,” Bliss told Angle.

“What’s more, I can’t trust you had the nerve to say the Women’s Evolution (TM) with what you’re attempting to pull.”

“Indeed, why in the ladies’ Elimination Chamber coordinate the title is at stake, however in the men’s Elimination Chamber coordinate, that is not the situation, is it?

So you’re revealing to me that your champion, Brock Lesnar, gets the opportunity to sit on the sidelines and watch who wins?

For what reason do I not get that benefit, Kurt? Is it since I’m only a lady?”


“Above all else, Brock Lesnar effectively safeguarded his title at the Royal Rumble,” Angle answered, rationalizing what Bliss showed was a reasonable case of sexism.

“I don’t realize what you’re attempting to pull here.”

“I’m not attempting to pull anything,” Bliss stated, all of a sudden put on edge for talking her psyche.

“The last time you safeguarded your title was at TLC in October,” Angle griped.

“Furthermore, whose blame is that, Kurt? I don’t make the matches. You do,” said Bliss, making a phenomenal point.

“I simply don’t comprehend why you’re treating the men’s champion uniquely in contrast to the ladies’ champion.

“I feel like you’re attempting to weasel out of this match,” Angle stated, blaming Bliss for having an ulterior rationale in her true blue grumblings about sexual orientation disparities in proficient wrestling.

“In any case, I’ll disclose to you what. I’m not going to settle on the choice. I’m going to ask the group of onlookers.

I’m going to ask you a straightforward yes or no inquiry. Do every one of you need to see Alexa Bliss guard her title in the first-since forever ladies’ Elimination Chamber coordinate?”

“Better believe it no doubt, proceed,” Bliss answered. “Serenade yes like the brainless sheep you are. I am the Raw Women’s Champion. I merit regard.”

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