8 WWE superstars you might not know were related

WWE superstars you might not know were related

WWE superstars you might not know were related -You have seen various superstars wrestling in the ring and performing very well but one problem come to a point why these wrestlers don’t start their journey with their real names.

You couldn’t even imagine that wrestlers who are opposed to each other during a match are cousins or real brothers but no one can guess because their names don’t match even they have from the same parents.

The reason is that they want to create a different persona which explains their distinctness in the ring.

Here is a list of Top WWE superstars you might not know were related to each other.

WWE superstars you might not know were related



No one knows that Jerry “The King” Lawler is Honky Tonk Man’s cousin.

The Honky Tonk Man who is a legend of WWE industry is an American Professional Wrestler.
He is well known for his record which he had made for holding WWF Intercontinental Championship for more than 64 weeks which he lost it at Summer Slam.

Jerry who is all time favourite as a commentator has started his journey in WWE space in 1992.He wrestled in so many territories and win more than 168 championships in his wrestling era.



Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is Brian Knobbs’ brother-in-law.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is one of the toughest wrestlers and well known for his name in the world during the 1970s,1980s and 1990s.

Brian Knobbs who is best known as one half of the tag team which he formed with Jerry Sags in 1986 and as the best tag team they wrestled in Tennessee territory where they won 5Tag Team titles from 1988 through 1990.


The British Bulldog is The Dynamite Kid’s cousin.

David Boy Smith who was popularly known by his ring name “The British Bulldog” was a British professional wrestler.
David is best known for his ultimate appearances in Unites States Matches.

Thomas Billington was one of the toughest and strongest players in WWE Industry during wrestling era in the mid-to-late-1980s was known by his ring name “The Dynamite Kid” is a British former professional wrestler.

5.Rockin Robin & Jake Roberts

Rockin’ Robin is Jake “The Snake” Roberts’ sister.

Robin Denise Smith is an American former professional wrestler who started her career in WWE space in 1987.

She was the hottest and strong contender popularly known by her ring name Rockin’ Robin.

Her half-brother Jake “The Snake” Roberts was also a WWE wrestler. Robert started his career in WWE in 1975. He is well known for his ultimate stints in WWE; 1986- 1992 and 1995-1997.


Irwin R. Schyster is Blackjack Mulligan’s son-in-law

Lawrence Michael Rotunda debuted in 1981 is an American retired professional best known for his ultimate appearances in WWF and World Championship Wrestling during the 1980s by his ring name Mike Rotunda, Irwin R. Schyster and V.K. Wallstreet.

Robert Deroy Windham was a WWE legend who is better known by his ring name Blackjack Mulligan was a Football player and professional wrestler.
No one knows he was the maternal grandfather of Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas.


John Laurinaitis is Road Warrior Animal’s brother

John Hodger Laurinaitis who is popularly known by his ring name as Johnny Ace. He started his career in 1962.

He wrestled for the various championships in which he won in World Championship Wrestling and He is also well known for his title which he won in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

After retiring from WWE journey he started working as an American senior producer.




Primo and Epico are professional tag team partners in WWE, Both are professionally trained performers and great wrestlers.

They started their career in WWE in the year 2011 debuted on SmackDown during the Superstar Shake-up, in which they both have to fight opposite the Usos in which they were defeated by Usos and but after one week after this match, they defeat the Usos in a tag team match and came in the limelight.

Both these superstars are real-life cousins.



Well, we probably don’t know about WWE superstars relatives who compete in the ring as well in WWE.

Here are another two superstars who were related to each other, we are talking about The Rock & Nia Jax.

Both these superstars are real-life cousins and both have had a successful career in the ring as well as outside as Rock is a Hollywood actor and Nia Jax is a plus-size model.

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