10 Unrecognizable WWE Wrestlers’s Kids- You might not know

WWE Wrestlers's Kids

WWE Wrestlers’s Kids- As we all know that WWE Wrestlers lives the luxurious life in their style no common man can live. Internet and Social Media have made them so popular that they can’t live a normal life.

We have seen so many wrestlers who have introduced their children to WWE Industry.

Even there are so many WWE legends we don’t even know their name but their children are performing great in the wrestling world and made their name in Wrestling Space.

Let’s have a glimpse on the super wrestler’s children who perform much better than their parents but you wouldn’t be able to detect as being the kids of these legends as they might or mightn’t resemble too much which is a very shocking news for them too.

WWE Wrestlers’s Kids


WWE Wrestlers's Kids

One of the most bizarre realizations is that Sycho Sid’s son Frank Eudy ended up on the reality series Big Brother. Frank appeared on the 14thand 18th seasons of Big Brother and his dad appeared at one point.

Sid is way more intimidating than Frank, but you can see the resemblance in a few ways, especially the hair.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

Wrestling fans remember Dominic Gutierrez as the son of Rey Mysterio due to the controversial storyline back in 2005.

Eddie Guerrero claimed to be the real father of Dominic leading to a ladder match with custody of Dominic on the line to remind you how ridiculous wrestling could be.

Dominic is all grown up now and you wouldn’t be able to recognize him.


WWE Wrestlers's Kids

Kane has been married for over two decades and has a family that has gone under the radar.

Despite being quite famous for a long time, Kane has been relatively quiet about his personal life.

All his peers have their personal lives referenced while Kane just keeps it under wraps. Kane running for Mayor of Knox County in Tennessee has given us a slightly closer glimpse into his life.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

Scott Hall is one of the greats, but it is no secret that he has been dealing with personal demons for many years now.

The family of Hall paid the price by missing out on their husband and father. Cody Hall missed out on Scott being there for him like most fathers would.

The two had a strained relationship for many years until Scott started to get clean.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

The stunning Tessa Blanchard has become one of the top women’s wrestlers in the world. Tessa wrestles all over the world having impressive matches against both men and women.

The talent of Blanchard is obvious as she continues to become a bigger star. Blanchard is a familiar name as Tessa is the daughter of legendary wrestler Tully Blanchard.


WWE Wrestlers's Kids

Longtime WWE fans will remember Dakota Runnels from the times she was referenced during the Attitude Era. Her parents Goldust and Terri Runnels occasionally made fans aware of Dakota.

This was about two decades ago and Dakota has grown up in that time. Goldust and Terri had a bitter divorce, but they managed to try to stay cordial for the betterment of Dakota.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

The stunning good looks of Brittany Page makes her stand out as more than just the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page.

Brittany was out of the public eye until DDP started to document his life for the DDP Yoga product. The early videos featuring Brittany moving into DDP’s home introduced her to fans of the program.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

David Finlay is currently making his name wrestling in New Japan. The talented young man has a strong background in wrestling as his father is the immensely respected Fit Finlay.

Almost every wrestler in the industry has nothing but kind words to say about Finlay. The look, style and path of David is completely from his dad.




WWE Wrestlers's Kids

A surprising wrestling kid to surface in recent months is the daughter of Brock Lesnar. While Brock has been with Sable for about fifteen years now, Mya is the daughter from a prior relationship.

Lesnar had twins with Mya and Luke. Pictures of Mya have leaked with the shocking revelation that she looks exactly like her father.



WWE Wrestlers's Kids

Gunner Calaway has remained a relatively silent wrestling kid even though his dad is The Undertaker.

One fact about Undertaker is that he tries to stay away from social media as much as possible and even avoids taking pictures fans will post.

That made it even more entertaining when his son Gunner made a public Twitter page a few years ago.

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